The boy from Sitola

Sumit Tamata that had been missing education for the last 3 years in his life

Sumit Tamara sitting infront of his house in Sitola in Far-West Nepal.

Sumit Tamara sitting infront of his house in Sitola.

Sumit Tamara is the son of Dhauli Tamata and Kamal Ram Tamata. They leave in Mountain village Sitaula which is far waste of Nepal Darchula. Sitaula is the village of Byashi/Shokhi community people Sumit and their family is only one dalit family. In this Byashi/Shokhi community people are in the ethnic group of Nepal. These people come from India during the war so that they have duail citizen. Sumit and his family also migrate from Doti but his mother said that they don’t no about the home.Even in sitaula they don’t have any house they are staying in others house and land. Sitaula people they mostly ingaged in horb business. But this family has came here for their music in byashi/shokhis marriage ceremony. So, because of dual citizen and they are in business and education almost all community people are in out of this village they are spleat like some are in Darchula some in India and some inKathmandu. When we arrived in sitaula there were only 16 (sixteen)people inthat village and they are also thinking to more in Darchula. So, Sumit and his parents will be only one family who is left in the village.

Kamal Ram Tamata on the left with a friend, then Sumit Tamara and in the background his mother, Dhauli Tamata.

When we asked about school they said: "there was a school till class 5. Because of a lack of students there was only till class 3. After some time there was only this boy left and they decided to close the school. The building still remains there but it is partly broken and overgrown by plants now.

Sumit and his mother siting by the fire. This is the place where they prepare food, eat and sleep.

Sumit warming close to the fire.

We meet his parants in his house. His mother Dhauli Tomata explaned to us that she wanted to give him education. But after they closed the school she didn't see the ability to educate him. His elder brother is studying in Rapla. Her mother is living there. But to send two boys there she can't affort because they have to pay all related costs. Other children went to another village mre far away but also there she should pay the cots. Finaly she tells us her other and perhaps main reason that she don't like the boy to leave because then she feels totaly alone.

We are forcing the subject by giving examples of future senarios. The village wil slowly be emplty as most people are migrating to other places. Sumit will nog have any ability to go to another place, find a job and earn his living. Dhauli the mother and Kamal Ram the father finaly agree to us that the boy should go to school in the future. He is allready 9 so there is not much time to wait.

Sumit is a boy with interest for the world but he needs to get any form of education to maintain his life in a good way in future.

Can you support Tamata to go to school ?