5 New Health Cases from Sunlan, Solu


On our way back from Solu district we could take 5 persons with health issues. They all neded checkup in Kathmandu hospital. One childs father had to join to take care of his little son. We could arrange a jeep to go all together to kathmandu where they stayed in a simple Nepalese hotel. The group consisted of: Naura


Yauna Niraula - 10 years

7 years of eye problems and did 2 years ago checkup but without improvement. She had a burning pain in her eyes mostly left and also her sight on the left eye was affected. 

Sanjiv Niraula - 12 years

2 years of eye problems. He had also a burning pain in his eyes that where most of the time red and his sights wasn’t good. 

 Indra Prasad Niraula - 47 years

Father of Yauna Niraula and had a eye sight problems and because of this had frequently head pain. He had checkup on his sight and needed a glass. 


Rom Kumari Basnet (45)

Rom Kumari has a swelling on the back of her shoulder, feels weak and sometimes sick. She is very worried as most of the villagers tell her this must be cancer.

Sugam Niraula (5) 

The little boy Sugan his two fingers are attached since birth. “He likes to have a hand like other children” as he describes in his own words to us. We consulted with the hospital and we where informed this was only possible in Kathmandu.