2 Laptops for Laprak Boarding School


Project : I.T. voor Educatie

At the end of 2018 we handed over two laptops to Aita Gurung, one of the teacher of the Laprak Boarding School, and also since the start of Micro-Care Nepal one of the main Nepalese contact in Gorkha district.
During the last week he helped us again during our trip from Arugat to Wuyia with organising and carrying 5 whiteboards to the village schools. During this time he could give me the photos he and the head of the school took after receiving the laptops at their school.

We where pleased to see they started using the two devices and giving the opportunity to introduce the world of I.T. to the children of the school. The students are feeling amazed to finaly see and be able to use computer for the first time in their lives.

Before they where only able to read and study about it and practice some typing on a white piece of paper where they would draw the typing bord on.