Clothing for Nepal

Another parcel with clothing, shoes, blankets and cuddles arrives in Kathmandu

This week a new parcel with two big packages arrived in Kathmandu, containing:
- clothing for babies, children and adults
- children shoes
- blankets
- cuddles

The weight was 140 kg and costs where 780,- Euro. for both packages. We packed them in my (Pim) apartment in the Netherlands and they where collected there by Fed-Ex for transportation. Samjhana went to the Customs Office at the airport of Kathmandu and after paying 47.000 rupees, about 365,- Euro she could take a transportation van (taxi) for 1.500 rupees, about 10 euro to the house of the familie, where we live and store all the goods.

In the next weeks we will be distributing these materials again in the remote areas. For the next months is planned to visit Gorkha district, Okhaldhunga district, SoluKhumbu district and the Lower Dolpa district.


Giving clothing to street children in the center of Delhi

While planning our flights from and to Kathmandu we found a very cheap flight. Unfortunately it wasn’t a direct flight to Kathmandu but the flight went to Delhi. So we decided to have a stopover in Delhi before going home to Kathmandu and take as much of clothing beside our other personal luggage as we could to give to street children that we would meet living on the street in Delhi. We prepared a package of clothing and cuddles and left for Delhi. See the video below.

The Dutch NGO Micro-Care Nepal giving clothing to street children in Delhi, India. - February 2019

In a small alleyway we found a mother sitting on the street with her two little children. A small metal pot in front of them collect the coins she could get from people passing by. Holding out her hand when people with a piercing sad look on her face was a daily job for her to survive. From where she and her children came and what made them sitting in the streets like this? Some questions couldn’t be answered but sure it was that their life was hard and we where satisfied to give her children a few pair of new clothing for the next months coming.

In the small Kacha Bagh park close to the Chadni Chowk Yellow Line Metro station. We spotted a few mothers with small and bigger children and started asking where they lived. They told us during the day they where mostly in the parks but during they nights they slept on the streets as staying at night in the parks was prohibited.