Greenhouse Review in Goiry, Okhaldunga - March 2019

While returning back to Okhaldunga and Solu district we had the opportunity to to the 3de year review of some of the greenhouses we initiated.

Below the greenhouse that had many metamorfoses and had to be rebuild many time because of storm winds. The great thing about the family managing the greenhouse is that every time they restore it very nicely and keep making the best use of the greenhouse plastics and seeds provided.



Written by: Gert Groenewoud

Educatie materialen & kleding voor scholen in Gorka en Solu-Khumbu district.

Over the past few years it has become very clear to me that I wanted to give something back to the world, but I was not sure what this could be.

The earthquakes of 2015 hit me…To see small villages being completely destroyed, infrastructure destroyed, seeing people dying, amongst them children, made me want to do something. For me, this was the moment I realized that I wanted to help Nepal, but I was not sure how.

Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Gert Groenewoud. I am 50 years of age, married to Petra and have 2 children, Jesse and Zoe. I remembered Nepal from the time I spent there on my honeymoon some years ago as being a beautiful and welcoming country. The people were always smiling even when they hardly had anything. A friend introduced me to Micro-Care Nepal. After meeting Pim (Founder of Micro-Care Nepal) it was even more clear that I could really do something for Nepal.

Micro-Care Nepal stands for small projects in the most remote places of Nepal. In all their projects they work closely together with local people.What makes me want to start projects with Micro-Care Nepal is that they really improve the people’s lives. And in a sustainable way. The projects focus on the poorest in small remote mountain villages. Micro-Care Nepal is different because they teach people how to manage the projects themselves. On the website you can find a choice of all types of donations for the projects.

All of them are very deliberate and personal. And these days more important; you will be able to see what we do with your donations. You will receive newsletters with stories and photos of the families we help with your donations. Also want to stay informed about our initiatives? Subscribe on for the newsletter.

My personal motivation? The healthier and happier people I see, the better. I hope with this message I have given you something to think about. If so, please make a donation because Nepal needs it!
Thank you for your support,

Gert, Groenewoud

Februari 2017