Clothing for Nepal

The Project

We are collecting used but good clothing for Nepal. From the start of Micro-Care Nepal in July 2015 we took over 1000 kilo of clothing to Nepal and give it to poor families in remote areas. We started by filling up our luggage with extra clothing for children and now we are frequently sending parcels with donated clothing to Nepal.

Recently in august of 2018 we transported 3 parcels with over 200 kg of clothing that will be distributed in the coming months. 

Why Nepal needs your support?

1. If you have used but nice clothing to give away, please send us an email. 

2. To give us the funding by donating to transport the clothing on the plane and later by porters to remote villages. Most foundations or NGO's are helping in place that can be reached by bus or truck. But the most poor families are living further that that. We are focusing on giving these families.

"Please support this project so also poor people have clothing to wear and can be beautiful."