The project

Developing education in Nepal


During the first visit we made to Nepal from the foundation we researched the governmental schools and the education package that the government was providing to schools. It's wasn't difficult to conclude that the education that the government is providing is a very basic and outdated package. Especially subjects like: health, hygiene, environment and nutrition. 

During our research we discovered that there are many help organizations with educational programs but most of them don't provide simple to use study materials. We had several talks with school management and teachers. During these conversations we got asked to give support by making teaching posters from above mentioned subjects. An example can be found on the right side of this page.

Project News


Why Nepal needs your support?

We are going to produce these posters as soon as we have the budget together. We will be producing 6 different posters for 16 different schools. to start this project for only these school we need at least 100 euro. But of course we would like to expand this project also to other villages and areas.

"Give children better education, they deserve to get the best chances for their future!"