The Project

The United Nations believes that up to 1 million Nepali people face the threat of starvation after the earthquakes of April 25 and May 12 destroyed their stored crops. Greenhouses already have a proven track record in Nepal, increasing yields and prolonging the growing season. In the rain season crops get destroyed by the big amount of water. In the winter season especially in the mountains it is to cold to grow most vegetables. Because of this children are unhealthy in these season by the lack of proper nutrition and diversity of food. 

Micro-Care Nepal is building greenhouses in both the Kathmandu valley and Nepal’s remote villages. We provide both the greenhouse and the seeds. Education will be given to enable farmers and their families to maintain their greenhouses independently and become self-sufficient in food production. 

Recently we made 4 greenhouses. One in Kapan valley close to Kathmandu. 3 in the remote village Necha in SoluKhumbu. We supported 3 families with plastics and seeds. They are making and maintaining the greenhouse with knowledge and support of our foundation. For this we invested 300 euro. But we need to do more in the future so please support this project. 

Why Nepal need your support?

For creating greenhouses big and strong plastics are needed. Also needed are bamboo, ropes, seeds and farming tools. 
We can build one greenhouse that is 7x15 meters long, including seeds, for 100 euro.

From one greenhouse 3 families can feed their families with organic vegetable and fruits all year round!
Support this project and let us remove the fear of starvation from earthquake survivors in Nepal.