Our goal is to offer first-aid courses at schools in remote parts of Nepal.

About the First-Aid courses

First-aid is emergency treatment that is given to injured or sick people before they can get to a health post or hospital… it does not need specialised equipment and can be taught to anyone! In many parts of Nepal qualified health care is many hour’s walk away so empowering people to help each other can make a big difference. 

Our first-aid courses will teach how to manage cuts, burns, broken bones, head injuries, unconscious people and animal and snake bites. In addition we will teach some simple strategies that can save lives when an earthquake strikes.

Wy Nepal needs your support? 

At this moment we are focusing on the village Necha in SoluKhumbu region. Here we have a collaboration with Necha Hospital that is supported by the Asian Heritage Foundation and the Helping Hands Foundation. 2 health teachers of the 16 schools are invited for the First-Aid course given by the doctor and his assistent at the hospital.
We need to provide the study materials, like books, paper, first-aid materials, etc. For this we need your support by giving a donation and mentioning "First-Aid Courses" in the subject.

"Please support this project for a safer future for all Nepali people."