Epicenter of Rashuwa district: visiting Gathlang and Tamang Heritage Trail.

People of Gathlang with one poor toerist..

During the last part of my trip I went to Rashuwa district. I got company from Sanjana who in the past did some work for NGO's. In this area, thats also one of the epicenter of the earthquake, we also visited Gathlang village. Gathlang turned out to be also badly affected by the earthquake. We where told the Dalit where, also here, living separate from the other people of the village. Here we searched for the Dalit (low cast and poor people) people. We found them just before the village and where shocked by their housing conditions. Also their clothes were ripped so we were very happy to have brought some clothing with us. 

Sanjana with the Dalit people of Gathlang. 

Below you can see the other images taken during the trip in Rashuwa district and at Tamang Heritage Trail. An amazing experience with finding again different parts in their culture like with for instance their beautiful traditional clothing.