Arrival of our Parcel in Nepal with: clothing, shoes, schoolbags and First-Aid Materials


We are happy to report that after 3 months in the Netherlands we are back at work in Nepal. Before flying to Nepal we prepared 3 packages with a total weight of 192 kg.

150 kg of clothing containing more then 750 piece of clothing for babies, children and some for adults. 25 kg with more then 50 pairs of children shoes. 15 kg of bandages for first-aid training purposes. 

We want to thank all our individual sponsors for clothing and especially the financial donations to make this possible!

We are looking forward to distribute this clothing to hundreds of children and their elders in the next months. We will keep you updates with photos of their smiles at the time they receive a piece of clothing or shoes.

The costs for transportation are € 960, and € 350, for import tax at the customs office in Nepal. This means an average of € 1, per clothing piece. Still it's impossible to buy good quality clothing for this amount in Nepal. Because of these costs we share clothing sponsors to donate € 5, per kg of donated clothing.