Another parcel with clothing, shoes, blankets and cuddles arrives in Kathmandu

This week a new parcel with two big packages arrived in Kathmandu, containing:
- clothing for babies, children and adults
- children shoes
- blankets
- cuddles

The weight was 140 kg and costs where 780,- Euro. for both packages. We packed them in my (Pim) apartment in the Netherlands and they where collected there by Fed-Ex for transportation. Samjhana went to the Customs Office at the airport of Kathmandu and after paying 47.000 rupees, about 365,- Euro she could take a transportation van (taxi) for 1.500 rupees, about 10 euro to the house of the familie, where we live and store all the goods.

In the next weeks we will be distributing these materials again in the remote areas. For the next months is planned to visit Gorkha district, Okhaldhunga district, SoluKhumbu district and the Lower Dolpa district.