Uitnodiging Jaarlijks Nepalees diner op Zondag 30 juni 2019

Hierbij willen wij onze donateurs, sponsoren en andere enthousiastelingen van harte uitnodigen voor ons jaarlijkse Nepalese diner. Tijdens deze zondag middag 30 juni zullen wij tevens onze jaarlijkse update geven van de voortgang van onze projecten in Nepal en de plannen voor het aankomende jaar uiteenzetten.

We hopen dan ook van harte dat we jou op deze dag mogen verwelkomen en van de bijzondere smaken uit de Nepalese keuken mogen laten genieten.



14:00 Ontvangst met Snacks

< Pani Puri en Khapse


Pani Puri





* Uitleg gerecht Pani Puri - door Samjhana
* Presentatie voortgang 2018/2019 - door Pim
* Uitleg voorgerecht - door Samjhana



< Heldere Champignonsoep


Heldere Champignonsoep



* Presentatie plannen door Pim
* Uitleg gerechten door Samjhana



< Puwa (gebakken mais meel)
< Tofu Curry
< Bonen en Bamboo scheut soup
< Papad
< Gekiemde boon Achar (salade)
< Imli fruit Achar (salade)
< Gefermenteerde radijs Achar (salade)


Tofu Curry








19:00 Nagerecht en afsluiting

< Gazar Haluwa - Wortel pudding


Gazar Haluwa

Projector and Laptop for the Shree Kalika Primary School in Solagar

Project : Education Material and I.T. for Education

In April 2019 we went to the village of Solagar in Okhaldunga district. Here we donated school material to the small local school. Especially the I.T. material containing one laptop and one projector where received with great pleasure by the school teachers.

The new school complex on the land that was given by one of the community members.

Handing over the projector and laptop to the head of the school.

After handing over, with all the children and Samjhana

With all the children and now including Pim.

School posters, pencils and balls for the primary school in the little village of Thulodunga. From this time we decided to support the school as the old principal of the school in Solagar, that we respected very much for his efforts, got transferred to the school in Thulodunga.

The school complex of the village Solagar in Okhaldunga district.

Greenhouse Review in Goiry, Okhaldunga - March 2019

While returning back to Okhaldunga and Solu district we had the opportunity to to the 3de year review of some of the greenhouses we initiated.

Below the greenhouse that had many metamorfoses and had to be rebuild many time because of storm winds. The great thing about the family managing the greenhouse is that every time they restore it very nicely and keep making the best use of the greenhouse plastics and seeds provided.


Medical Case - Sanjiv Niraula (12) Sunlan Solu

Sanjiv is 12 years old and lives in the village Sunlan in Solu district. He had eye pain and irritation for 2 years and his eyesight was decreasing. After consulting with the eye doctors of the specialized Tilganga eye hospital the conclusion was the problems where caused by a allergy and had to be treated with antibiotics as it had infected the eyes as well. After the infection was over he had to wear a glass with a specific non power glass to protect his eyes more. Also he got drops to keep the flier level of his eyes up to level and avoid the irritations to start. We gave him this last mentioned medicine for a whole year and gave all instructions together with the pharmacist.


Medical Case: Juna Khadka (43) Sindupalchok

Juna Khadka is 43 years old and comes from Sundupalchok district. A lady who is having a small tea shop next to the hospital informed us about her case. She let us know Juna Gad no husband or other relatives left in her family beside her little boy. She had cancer 9 years ago and undertook surgery for it. The surgeon took out a part of her womb. Now she’s had pain in her belly for a few weeks and the last days it had been drastically incredible as her worries did. We decided to call her to come to Kathmandu and did her checkup. After a blood test, chest x-ray, urinr test, two times ultrasound and video x-ray. The conclusion was no servere problem. At first there was a thought of a infected appendix but after further practical tests this was also excluded. Eventually they found on the x-rays thT her liver was expanded and irritated. They gave antibiotics threw a drip and a emulsion to give her a bit more strength. After the second day in the hospital she was could stay with her relative from the small tea shop and got a final checkup after 3 days. 


2 Laptops for Laprak Boarding School

Project : I.T. voor Educatie

At the end of 2018 we handed over two laptops to Aita Gurung, one of the teacher of the Laprak Boarding School, and also since the start of Micro-Care Nepal one of the main Nepalese contact in Gorkha district.
During the last week he helped us again during our trip from Arugat to Wuyia with organising and carrying 5 whiteboards to the village schools. During this time he could give me the photos he and the head of the school took after receiving the laptops at their school. We where pleased to see they started using the two devices and giving the opportunity to introduce the world of I.T. to the children of the school.

2019 April - Goals for the Gorkha Aid Journey

Whyia goals

  • Handover 5 new whiteboards to the school

  • Review the use of the donated laptop and projector

  • Visit the families of Rabina and Ganga and discuss the option of jumping class for both of the girls as proposed by the teacher team

  • Teach first-aid - Was to sick to teach

Dungla goals

  • Handover 5 new whiteboards to the school

  • Handover other school materials to one of the school teachers.

Macha Khola goals

  • Handover school materials to one of the school teachers.

Kerauja Besi goals

  • Review the greenhouse of Thuli Gurung

  • Handover new seeds

  • See the living conditions of the family and housing