On to the most remote village of Gorkha district, our biggest distribution trip

Today we left on the biggest distribution trip for Micro-Care Nepal untill now. Providing the people of the most remote villages in Gorkha district with clothing, educational materials and greenhouses. 200 kg of relief materials, including 50 kg of clothing and shoes, 12 greenhouse plastics and 50 kg of school materials. Our team includes 2 volunteers, 5 porters and 2 board members. 

Gert, Bhupu, Samjhana, Pim

Gert, Bhupu, Samjhana, Pim

During our 10 day trip we will establish more collaborations with local schools to develop their government education. Together with the teachers from each school we will make a 10 x 5 meter greenhouse and handover farming and nutrition guidance. 

Waiting on our bus at our storage depot we got confronted with a big problem. Our head or porter group, who was inside of the bus, didn't told the bus driver on time to stop the bus to pick us up. The bus passed us and 5 minutes later it wanted to wait for us but not return. Quickly we had to find another vehicle to take all our luggage. After a while we could find a jeep driver with a foreigner. After packing all luggage on the rooftop the driver got confused with our story and told us he was thinking we where his clients that he supposed to pickup. We had to take all luggage of again and start over. It took us another 10 minutes to find a local van for our luggage and a taxi to transport us to the bus that was luckily still waiting for us. We reached soon to put all our materials on the rooftop of the bus and take off. A stressful start of the morning. We have to catch another bus and keep later this day to reach Soti Khola. Hopefully the rest of the day will be at least a bit according to plan....